Purp_kohlrabi Purple Kohlrabi - 1 med size head & leaves
Grower: Kinship Urban Farm
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Kohlrabi is a bulbous, leafy tuber related to cabbage and broccoli and interchangeable with carrots and potatoes in many recipes. You can slice the bulb of raw kohlrabi to serve as crudite or shred it for salads and slaws or cook it by steaming, boiling, baking or sauteing it. Kohlrabi bulbs behave much like potatoes in cooking, so shredded kohlrabi sautes like hash browns and boiled kohlrabi can be pureed like mashed potatoes. The skin can be peeled away if it seems too tough. The leaves of the kohlrabi can be steamed or sauteed and eaten like Swiss chard.