20140125_171233 Trellis
Grower: Sioux's City Gardens
Price: $175.00 ( 1 custom built 6'×6' cypress trellis)
%> Available (Estimated): 100

This 6'x6' custom built cypress trellis will provide stylish and sturdy support for climbing vegetables, roses, squashes and gourds for years to come; or it may be covered with ornamental flowering vines for a carefree privacy screen. Beautifully hand crafted with locally sourced, naturally bug resistant cypress will support even the heaviest squash year after year without fear of your veggies coming into contact with chemicals or compounds found in pressure treated lumber. The price shown is for a 6'×6' example that was mounted to a raised garden bed, however it will be custom designed and built to your needs in any size you desire. Prices may vary.