Quiche_(800x553) Quiche-Los Amigos
Grower: Sioux's City Gardens
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Our Quiches are as delightful to see as they are to savor. Loaded with fresh veggies, meats, and fine cheeses, these hearty pies are a crowd pleaser any time of day. Our ingredients come from our own chemical free gardens, along with locally sourced veggies, meats, and cheeses. We choose organic whenever possible. our offerings vary week to week, so check frequently! Please feel free to call Sioux's City Gardens/Quiche Me Quick! regarding special dietary restrictions. Our phone number is posted on the growers page. This weeks offerings: SPINACH AND TOMATO-tons of fresh baby spinach and garlic topped with tomato slices, Keeping it light and simple! HEAVY VEGGIE-There's nothing simple about this one! Loaded with whatever is fresh and on hand from asparagus to zucchini! Often includes broccoli and the freshest garlic, and sometimes sun dried tomatoes...always a tasty surprise! LOS AMIGOS-these ingredients pair like good friends...the more the merrier! locally sourced chorizo(pork sausage made in the traditional way with authentic Mexican spices), jalapeno, cilantro, onions and garlic. Occasionally we make our Los Amigos quiche with the addition of black or refried beans, or other fresh produce fitting for a Mexican meal...all depending on availability! MUSHROOM AND SWISS-comfort food,always a hit. Fresh mushrooms(they could be button-type or portobello, lions mane or shiitake)onions, garlic and loads of swiss cheese, herbs and spices. yum