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Cinnamon Okra Muffins

I was inspired by a local grower and Suncoast Co-op member who was in a quandry in what she could do with her abundance of okra she was harvesting so I made it my mission to seek out a recipe different and new by using okra as the main ingredient. I’ve enjoyed the muffins and I hope you do too.

Source: (Entered by Deborah Jimenez)
Servings: 12 to 18 muffins
Ingredient keywords: flour, baking, salt, baking, ginger, eggs, ginger, cinnamon, sugar, butter, okra, cupcake, pan, cream, butter, powdered, cinnamon
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Cinnamon Okra Oatmeal Cookies

When I was on a roll making Okra muffins and had okra that I wanted to use I decided to try a recipe I found for Cinnamon Okra Oatmeal cookies. What I like about this recipe is that it is very adaptable. My next batch I want to add organic raisins or cranberries and although they are not overly sweet I may try reducing the amounts of brown sugar as I am a firm believer of less is better when it comes to sugar and the raisins or cranberries will give it some natural sugar. When I do, I’ll be sure to add some additional comments below the recipe.

Source: (Entered by Deborah Jimenez)
Servings: 12 large cookies
Ingredient keywords: flour, baking, baking, salt, ginger, cinnamon, sugar, butter, vanilla, brown, oats, eggs, okra
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