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Hi. My name is Becky and I have spent the last five years dedicating myself to learning the skills and techniques of my grandparents; and sadly, lost to my generation. It has been an interesting journey. I have learned, among other things, how to: sprout seeds, grains and nuts, make yogurt, bread, butter, butter milk, tonics, decoctions, brewed compost teas, folliar sprays, aquaponic ecosystems, colloidal silver, beer, wine, cold process soap, hard cider, healing salves and tintures, sauer kraut, lacto-fermented soda, hugelkultur beds, lacto-fermented vegetables, vermiculture “farms” dehyrdrated/dried fruits, vegetables and jerky, solar cookers, BSF (Black Soldier Fly) composter/chicken feeders and while fleetingly effective :(, but still impressive, compost hot water heaters :)
I look forward to offering the low-tech low carbon foot print products I have learned to make; as well as sharing the skill sets I have acquired to make them, for yourselves, and the friendships we will forge in the process. :)

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