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I am new to the local food movement. December, 2011, I took on a 30 day Juicing Fast after seeing Fat, Sick and nearly Dead. I lost 23lbs and never felt so incredible. This had me do research about my diet and what I have been eating and what I can do to feel like that on a daily basis. I learned a ton and in July of 2012 I decided to take on a bigger project with the intention of showing people what is possible with their health. You can read the blog at EatItRawFor30.blogspot.com. This time I did my blood work before and after a 30 day raw food diet so I can share factually what is possible by shifting our diet. A long story short, my triglycerides went from 192 to 85 in that 30 days and my doctor was so blown away that he made a statement that he couldn’t of lowered my Cholesterol by that much with medication. After learning about the Co-Op I jumped on board and have ordered every week for months now.

In starting my own Organic Garden at my house but struggle with space since I rent. For Christmas someone got me an Earthbox. The success I’ve had with this box blows away anything else I have been growing. Last week I made my first box, almost twice the size of the Earthbox, for my daughter who is growing a Giant Cabbage as a school project and the winner gets a 1,000 scholarship. I really enjoyed making my GroBox and have had several people request me make them one. I think this is a great design for others looking to join the local food movement, especially those renting like myself. I would like to offer these on the website as well as my vegetables once I get to a level that has me producing more than my family can eat.(I just had rats destroy my broccoli that I was getting ready to harvest. grr)

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