Floridosa Paradise Ranch

I am the Mother of a young disabled veteran. I care for him 24/7. It was his dream before he was injured to have a small farm, We have fulfilled this dream for him by helping him purchase this beautiful ranch. Slowly, we are building what we hope to be a completely sustainable living environment. We started with chickens….and currently have 30 hens and 3 roosters. Our Blue Splash Maran Rooster is named Elvis because he has really fancy hair, then there is John Wayne, a giant Golden Buff. Last but not least is the newest member of our roost, Rock Hudson. We adopted him from a local family who lost their father and could no longer keep him. Our hens consist of Dominique’s, Delaware, White Leghorn, Golden Buff, Black Jersey Giant and one Easter Egger!

With this variety of hens, our egg cartons are a mixture of colors and sizes.

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