Sweet Annie's Organics


Sweet Annie’s Organics specializes in fresh, handmade, vegan-friendly cosmetic products. We use certified organic, non-gmo, food grade, wild harvested, and fair trade ingredients to make totally funky and unique lotions, creams, balms, conditioners, shampoos, soaps, and bath goodies. We are dedicated to creating the most natural and sustainable beauty products on the market today. In keeping with our promise of sustainability, we use as much eco-friendly packaging as possible, from post consumer recycled paper materials to glass jars and recycled plastics/bio-plastics. We never use inferior oils, harsh chemicals, petroleum by-products, or fillers in any of our recipes; you can see the difference both in our ingredient lists and after using our cosmetics. And we never, ever test on animals. Our products are simply natural goodness.
We love making our products with fresh, natural ingredients for hair and skin. And we love offering our handmade cosmetics to anyone and everyone who is concerned with using harsh chemicals on their bodies.

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