Beautiful Bali Gardens

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We have an organic farm on the Island of Bali…but while I am still living in the states, in New Port Richey, I am growing small amounts of different things for ours and others enjoyment, using organic growing principles in mind, as we do on the Island of Bali. I don’t use any chemicals in my garden. I use all essential oils and neem oils as tinctures for pest control. I also use worm castings, compost, and organic soil. I have been working the soil for about 2 years so far, and it is getting better every year. I also use Espoma products as supplements. http://www.espoma.com/ You can reach me at 727 331 7436 or at http://beautifulbaligardens.blogspot.com/ with questions or comments…Until then, “Create a Great Day!”

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