Sioux's City Gardens

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When I was small, I watched my parents grow our food in their gardens…just until I was old enough to “help” and I’ve been digging around in the dirt ever since! I learned to have a deep respect for Mother Nature and am continually grateful for her daily gifts which we believe are an honor to receive.

Today Sioux, our best canine buddy,(along with our sweet kitties Miss Bean and Batman)watches us and “helps” here in our “City Garden” where we grow veggies, herbs and next year fruit organically and always chemical free. We use horse manure, worm castings, fish emulsion, compost and water collected in rain barrels on our property. We grow plants which attract beneficial insects and use companion planting methods to manage garden pests. We believe these methods and a whole lotta love lend to better tasting, healthier plants…see for yourself!

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