Green Acre Aquaponics


At Green Acre, we grow food in the freshest, cleanest and most natural way possible and its called Aquaponics. Our growing method is sustainable, eco-friendly and uses all natural fertilizer generated by cultivating fish in our self contained eco-system. We have been at the forefront of aquaponic farming for several years and have also taught countless others how to grow clean and organically raised fish and veggies for themselves, their families and communities.

We guarantee our produce to be of the utmost quality, freshness and taste. Why? Because our growing method is completely chem free and it creates pure, unadulterated food. We can boast our food to be even better then organic produce as even the allowed chemicals organic farmers can use, we cannot as it could kill our fish. Its the most honest form of farming there is as our certifiers are thousands of tasty Tilapia and beautiful Koi who we raise and care for with the most humane and clean conditions possible.

Our fish are antibiotic, hormone and also chemical free and have lived with us since little fry to our large, 4 to 5 lb meal size fish. You haven’t tasted Tilapia until you’ve tasted ours!

We offer tours of our farm and welcome those that want to learn about aquaponics and grow clean food for themselves and their family or others. Its what we call the Farm Revolution and we are changing the face of agriculture one small farm or one backyard at a time! Join us and the Farm Revolution. Thanks for supporting your local family farm.

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