All of our produce on the market is 100% naturally grown.

“The Suncoast Co-op will be closed during a restructuring. Our market will still be open on Saturdays with local growers but all pre – orders are temporarily suspended. Look for an email if you are a member shortly with more information about our changes.”

Please get your orders in by Thursday noon to avoid delays in processing your order and delivery. Make sure you get a CONFIRMATION EMAIL to confirm your order was processed. If you received no email log into your account and make sure you proceed to checkout on your Shopping Cart to place your order and where your picking up from.

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Our current pick up locations for our customers are:
New Port Richey
West Pasco Habitat for Humanity: Saturdays Noon- 2pm 4131 Madison Street New Port Richey, FL 34652

East Lake Delivery
Garden Om is supporting the co-op by taking delivery orders to East Lake YMCA Between 12-1pm 4550 Village Center Drive
Palm Harbor, FL 34685

Please add a Delivery Charge to your order of $3 for pick-up: Delivery Charge

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Please Come back to order between Sunday and Wednesday for next week’s pickup!

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Turkey Sticks Fundraiser!
Grower: Garden Om
Price: $5.00 ( 8 oz. )
Available (Estimated): 5

Your dog is going to love these! Large crunchy organic turkey sticks, can be broken into smaller pieces for smaller ... more
Turnip - Red Stem - Bunch of 3
Grower: Kinship Urban Farm
Price: $1.50 ( 3 turnips )
Available (Exact): 16

Tasty turnips with tops. 3 or 4 per bunch depending on size.
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
Grower: Better Baked Goods
Price: $6.50 ( 5-2inch cookies per box. )
Available (Exact): 5
Nutritional Info

These super yummy and bodaciously good for you Vegan Chocolate chips are super soothing music to all those who crave ... more
Vegan Pecan Cranberry Cookies
Grower: Better Baked Goods
Price: $6.50 ( 5-2inch cookies per box. )
Available (Estimated): -1
Nutritional Info

Are you ready to say YEAH! Pecan's and Cranberry's in a Delicious vegan cookie dough that is moist and full ... more
Vegetable Gardening in Florida
Grower: Veggout
Price: $16.00 ( 1 Book )
Available (Estimated): 4

Wake Me Up Baby Goat Milk Soap
Grower: The Dancing Goat
Price: $4.25 ( 1 Bar - Approx 4 ounces )
Available (Exact): 2

A luscious hand made bar (approx 4 oz) full of rich, creamy lather and made by the cold process method ... more
Wheatgrass Sprouting Seed - Organic (1 lb)
Grower: LifeGlow Organic Farm
Price: $4.99 ( 1 lb )
Available (Estimated): 4

Organic Wheatgrass sprouting seeds are great for growing your own fresh wheatgrass! Ingredients: Raw Organic Wheatgrass Sprouting Seeds. Origin: Canada ... more
Wood Raised Bed Install 4'x4'x8"
Grower: Holiday Oasis Garden
Price: $166.75 ( 4'x4' bed )
Available (Estimated): 100

Made out of pressure treated wood includes paint or stain plus polyurethane sealant to weather the weather and sun in ... more
Wooden Raised Bed Install 4'x8'x8"
Grower: Holiday Oasis Garden
Price: $322.00 ( 4'x8' bed )
Available (Estimated): 100

Made out of pressure treated wood includes paint or stain plus polyurethane sealant to weather the weather and sun in ... more
Worm castings - approx 50lb bag
Grower: Suncoast Market
Price: $15.00 ( Approx 50lb bag )
Available (Exact): 6

50lbs bag of worm castings made from Rabbits Etc. $15 more
Yogurt - Raw COW Yogurt - 1 qt
Grower: The Dancing Goat
Price: $6.00 ( 1 quart )
Available (Exact): 5

Made from JTB Jersey Farms cow milk which is grass fed with a small amount of grain supplementation. We have ... more
Yogurt - Raw Goat Yogurt - 1 quart/32 ounces
Grower: The Dancing Goat
Price: $5.50 ( One quart )
Available (Exact): 5

A Greek Style drinkable yogurt. Rich, creamy and delicious - for your pets, of course! more
Zen Forrest House Dressing
Grower: Zen Forrest
Price: $8.00 ( One Wine Bottle, 750 ml/ approx. 25 fl oz. )
Available (Estimated): 4

Zen Forrest House Dressing is now available for purchase at the Saturday market! It's the same signature recipe created by ... more
Zen Forrest T-Shirts!
Grower: Zen Forrest
Price: $15.00 ( 1 )
Available (Estimated): 10

Got Zen? Zen Forrest is now selling our Promo Gear on the Co-op! Get your T-Shirt with the "Got Zen" ... more